Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Meeting the life needs of victims, firefighters, and their families.  - Chaplain Kenneth Schneider
Accidents, fires, and firefighting in itself can be an emotional burden that can affect even the strongest person. The Fredonia Fire Department has counselling services available for the needs beyond the tragic event to assist in the needs of anyone involved. 
Ken's personal credentials are:

Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry 

Member of Ozaukee County Public Chaplains
Trained in Critical Incident Stress Management
Trained in a diverse group of topics in releation to the possbile situations encountered in the fire service profession.
Chaplain services provided are as follows:

Response to a working fire or emercency scene 

Reponse to an injury or death of any emergency personnel 
Responce to  any incident involving a victim that is a member of department's family 

Responce to a victim or family who requests the services of a Chaplain or clergy

Responce to a possible or probable death
Visit Hospitalized department members or their families
Help counsel members of the department in times of stress or difficulties

Conduct funeral  services as requested

Serve as a member of the Critical Incident Stress Debriefing team